Energy Sectors

With a company-wide commitment to the health of our planet, Kruger Energy is focused on renewable energy projects that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, we specialize in the development and management of green energy power plants, including hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants, as well as biomass cogeneration plants.


Wind turbines are among the lowest-cost options for new electricity generation and one of the fastest-growing major sources of electricity around the world.

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Using industrial waste to produce electricity for the grid, as well as steam for industrial use, biomass cogeneration has a number of environmental benefits that make it a compelling source of energy.

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With solar power, Kruger Energy stands at the forefront of an exciting new energy source that is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing technologies today.

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Hydroelectricity is one of the most reliable sources of energy available, which is why Kruger Energy has a vast portfolio of hydro facilities that transform the kinetic energy of falling or flowing water into clean, emission-free electricity.

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