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Port Alma Wind Farm

In November 2008, Kruger Energy officially opened the Port Alma (KEPA) Wind Farm in the Ontario municipality of Chatham-Kent. 

Located on the north shore of Lake Erie, this 101.2-megawatt, 44-turbine wind farm generates more than 300 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity annually, enough to power approximately 30,000 Ontario households per year.  The energy is sold to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) under 20-year supply contracts.



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KEPA completed an environmental screening of the Port Alma Wind Farm and issued a Notice of Completion.


What are wind turbines made of?
The tubular towers are made of steel. The blades are made of fiberglass-reinforced wood-epoxy.

How many households can be powered by one megawatt of wind energy?
One megawatt of wind energy can generate from 2.4 to more than 3 million kWh annually. A megawatt of wind generates about as much electricity as approximately 300 households use.

What will happen after KEPA’s power contract expires in 2028?
We will continue operations (preferred option), or we will cease operations and dismantle the equipment.

How do these wind turbines compare to European ones?
The Port Alma Wind Farm’s wind turbines are the same as European turbines and were made by Siemens, a European manufacturer.

Will the turbines be close to the road? What are the setbacks?
The wind turbines are required to be at least 150 metres from a secondary road, and 250 metres from an arterial road.

Is there any setback from the shoreline?
There is no setback from the shoreline per se, but there is a setback requirement for the residences along Talbot Trail (Hwy 3). This creates an effective 700-metre setback from the shoreline.

Will the drainage systems beneath access roads be protected?
Yes, access road design and construction will protect the integrity of the drainage systems.

''Developing more renewable energy projects is not only good for the environment; it’s good for the economy. Renewable energy projects like this help ensure a cleaner, greener and stronger future for Ontario families and our world.”

Dalton McGuinty, then Premier of Ontario,
at the official opening of the Port-Alma Wind Farm.