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Supervisor, control center

I started my co-op placement at Kruger's Bromptonville biomass cogeneration plant back in 2007. It was my favourite of the three co-op placements I did because it was the most instructive one. I got a warm welcome and my supervisors were happy to take the time to train me properly. I really liked working on automation and control system projects. In 2009, I officially joined the Kruger Energy team as Engineer, Instrumentation and Control, and in 2011 I was promoted to the position of Supervisor, Control Centre.

I find it fascinating that Kruger Energy is active in all renewable energy sectors. It is truly inspiring to make a tangible contribution to sustainable development. As you can see from my career path, advancement opportunities are possible for those who stand out. In addition, among employees and in supervisor-employee relations respect permeates every aspect of employee relations and alike. We're always ready to share opinions and help each other a lot. Everyone's ideas and initiatives are appreciated and there's some freedom of self-management that comes with responsibility.

Mechanical engineer

I was impressed by the warm welcome at my first job interview. The people were very nice, helpful and kind, and they made me feel very much at ease. From day one, I was impressed by the team's camaraderie and solidarity and I fit right in with the group. For example, when I arrived in Montréal, my colleagues went out of their way to help me adapt. A business culture of mutual assistance is very valuable. We're almost like a family.

I like to help the younger employees move forward. I think that's because of my past as a teacher assistant at Ryerson University. Oftentimes, everybody is busy with their own things, but we take the time to answer our colleagues' questions and help them when necessary. We know how to make the most of each individual's strengths.

Working in the field of hydroelectricity at Kruger Energy requires much travelling and field visits to supervise the implementation of processes. And I love it! Plus, there are countless career opportunities at Kruger Energy because our division and industry are booming. My job is very satisfying because we are involved in large projects and have ample opportunities to take initiatives and suggest innovative ideas. Each proposal is examined and analyzed, and if it fits with our objectives, it is implemented. This is really the ideal environment for both professional and personal development.

Director, Legal affairs - Operations

It all started in 2008. After working at a major law firm, I decided to try the in-house practice. I was already familiar with Kruger because of its reputation and history. But what won me over was the opportunity to join an expanding division having for objective to develop and acquire renewable energy projects. I felt integrated to the team almost instantly. I was warmly welcomed and they got me involved quickly in interesting projects.

What I like the most is the high-profile work. I have to collaborate with all team members – lawyers, engineers and other professionals – which is a real plus for understanding all the characteristics of an energy project. In Kruger Energy's business model, everyone has an important role and each team member is key to achieving the group's objectives. We are regularly informed of the division's performance during employee meetings. It's motivating to work in such conditions where the feeling of togetherness is more important that hierarchy.

Project engineer

For me, it all began during my hydroelectricity co-op placement at Kruger as I was finishing my studies in mechanical engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. From day one I liked the work environment, the level of interaction among employees and especially the numerous site visits. When you work at Kruger Energy you also have access to many great opportunities. For example, my first four-month co-op placement was extended into the summer. Then I worked part-time for a year and a half until I finished my studies. After that, I was given a job offer that was aligned with my objectives.

Employees at Kruger Energy have the chance to work with seasoned engineers. I have all the support I need, as well as some freedom in the way I perform my work. And although we handle major, far-reaching projects, the work environment is always very pleasant.

Since I started in 2008, I've seen Kruger Energy quadruple in size and importance. The renewable energy industry is set to grow and Kruger Energy is becoming an increasingly important player in that industry. Regular team meetings keep us up to date on project developments, and we are regularly given feedback by management. I like the positive attitude and transparency of information that is available anytime.