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Gain Knowledge and Experience in a Dynamic Environment

Embark on your career at Kruger Energy alongside our experts and benefit from their know-how. We offer relevant and meaningful work experience so that you can develop your key skills. What's more, completing a co-op placement at Kruger Energy puts you in a better position to be offered a job with us.


We are seeking college and university students and graduates who stand out for their talent, ambition and pleasant personality. To be considered for a co-op placement, students must be bilingual. We offer four- or eight-month co-op placements that can be incorporated into your course of study: Engineering, Accounting or another area of study.

How to Apply

The best way to apply for a co-op placement is to check the available positions and submit your application.
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Intern testimonials


During my co-op work term at Kruger Energy, I learned a great deal in my field of study, civil engineering, as well as in mechanical and electrical engineering while working on a hydroelectric power plant operations project. My most enriching experience was when we had to shutdown a plant. I was sent out to the field to write the shutdown procedure. An engineer gave me a tour of the site, and I even took pictures to illustrate my report. It was fascinating to see all the employees at work and understand how our work is concretely implemented.

Every day I'm in contact with employees at other Kruger facilities across North America, which enables me to improve my ability to communicate in English. I'm also learning how to better manage priorities and deadlines because we are involved in major projects. Co-op students very much appreciate the opportunity to accompany engineers on some projects. They are a bit like mentors: they teach us how to "get it right" and they are always there to give us advice.


During a co-op placement at Kruger Energy, you will get to work on interesting projects. We definitely do not get bored because we are in the heat of the action. We put our knowledge to use, but we also learn a great deal about how plants work and about the industry in general. We are better equipped to face the real world once we finish our education.

I really like the teamwork and especially the independence we're given. My supervisor coaches me but I also have some freedom when it comes to managing my tasks and I'm encouraged to take initiative. During my co-op placement, I learned how important it is to collaborate and I gained a sense of responsibility. It's an extremely positive experience and I foresee many opportunities for this division.