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Lidya Energy

Lidya Energy captures the biogas generated at the Lachute (Québec) sanitary landfill and converts it into green energy. In doing so, Lidya produces enough electricity to supply 5,000 homes annually.

The Company

Lidya Energy oversees the management, capture and transformation of biogas produced at a landfill site owned by the RIADM - Régie intermunicipale Argenteuil-Deux-Montagnes (Argenteuil-Deux-Montagnes Intermunicipal Board) in Lachute, Quebec.  The company uses biogas from the landfill to fuel its nearby power station, which generates 87 gigawatt-hours of electricity every year. 

Lidya Energy provides biogas management and conversion services according to the terms of a 27-year contract the company entered into with the RIADM taking effect as of 2003.

Lidya Energy uses technology that makes it possible to optimize and control the landfill site’s biogas production, allowing it to harness roughly 127,000 cubic metres of biogas every day.

The landfill’s biogas is transformed into electricity at a generating station with a 9.975-megawatt capacity, one of the largest of its kind in Canada.  The electricity it produces is sold to Hydro-Québec according to the terms of a power purchase agreement.

The Lachute Landfill Site

Situated just north of Montreal, within the Town of Lachute’s municipal boundaries, the landfill site is owned by the RIADM - Régie intermunicipale Argenteuil-Deux-Montagnes (Argenteuil-Deux-Montagnes Intermunicipal Board) and is operated by a private company that specializes in waste management. The landfill receives refuse from the Outaouais Region as well as the northern outskirts of Montreal.  

Enormous potential for Lidya

The landfill area is 57 hectares (570,000 square metres or 6,200,000 square feet). In 2003, the RIADM was authorized to expand the site and accept up to 667,000 cubic metres of waste annually for a period of 19 years.  This represents a total of 12.4 million cubic metres of waste, over and above the 2.9 million tonnes of refuse that was already accumulated at the site in 2003

The Power Station

Lidya Energy ’s thermal power station is located next to the Lachute landfill site and has a production capacity of 9.975 megawatts.

Each of the power station’s seven 4,160 v, 60Hz / 1200 rpm Caterpillar internal combustion engines is fuelled by biogas and contributes to the production of 87 gigawatt-hours of electricity every year, enough to meet the energy needs of about 5,000 homes.

A Potential Source of Heat

Eventually, it may be possible to use the heat generated by the combustion of biogas at the thermal station to power a heating system for industrial facilities built nearby.  There is a great deal of promising potential for development of such a system as a way of meeting the heating needs of buildings or greenhouses. We are currently evaluating different projects.